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3D imaging
Happy Valley, OR

Blue geometric illustration of tooth.Ensuring that your smile and your teeth stay as healthy and strong as possible is one of the most important aspects of modern dentistry. We work hard so that you can rest assured that your oral health is in the best of hands. To that end, today’s dentists are turning ever increasingly towards advanced technology that offers distinct advantages when it comes to understanding a patient’s symptoms and making the right call as quickly as possible where treatment options are concerned. In order to help us make good decisions that keep your best interests in mind, Fusion Dental Specialists is proud to offer 3D imaging to our patients!

What is 3D imaging?

When it comes to taking a look at your teeth and understanding the big picture, it is important that we are able to get good images of your teeth and your mouth. If we are unable to do so, the diagnostic process could be hindered. In order to help ensure that you get the best help as quickly as possible, then, 3D imaging is a must! Similar to digital imaging, 3D imaging is an imaging option that is able to quickly provide us with beautiful and detailed images of your teeth and your mouth. This helps us better develop specialized treatment plans that will work for your specific needs while also enabling us to better see any potential issues while working through the diagnostic and exam processes.

Can 3D imaging help me?

In short, yes, 3D imaging can help you. Think about the last time you went into the dentist’s office with a problem. Were you concerned about the issue at hand? Maybe you were wondering how exactly you were going to get through the appointment, or what the dentist might find and how it would impact your overall health. If you are lucky, they were able to make use of all the modern advancements that technology affords us and quickly determine what exactly was ailing you and how best to fix it. With the use of 3D imaging, this is now a possibility. Treatments that used to require a certain amount of guesswork are now able to be developed and applied with certainty that the right choice is being made.

Is 3D imaging safe?

Much like digital imaging or even more traditional x-rays, 3D imaging is perfectly safe for your health. The entire process is a short one, too, which means that you will not be spending hours and hours waiting to get decent images of your mouth and teeth. Our 3D imaging machine can quickly make clear images of your teeth to give us the information we need to help you.

Does 3D imaging hurt?

One of the most common fears about the dentist is pain. Do not worry! 3D imaging is not an invasive procedure and it does not hurt. You shouldn’t experience any discomfort at all.

For more information about 3D imaging and how it can help us find the best diagnosis and treatment options for your needs, give us a call today at (503) 653-2299!
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3D Imaging • Dentist Happy Valley, OR
In order to help us make good decisions that keep your best interests in mind, Fusion Dental Specialists is proud to offer 3D imaging to our patients! Learn more here.
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