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Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions at Fusion Dental Specialists - Clackamas, ORDental technology is continually evolving, providing us with new tools, technologies, and techniques to improve your quality of care. At Fusion Dental Specialists, our goal is to help you maintain optimal oral health. One of the ways that we can achieve this goal is by remaining up to date on the latest technology and techniques. This includes the use of digital impressions.

Impressions without Putty

Traditionally, impressions were taken using impression putty. This method of taking impressions could be uncomfortable as well as messy. Additionally, they were not always accurate, resulting in restorations that needed several adjustments as well as the need for more impressions. This could then mean that you were stuck waiting even longer for your restorations to be completed.

Today, the impression experience is significantly different. Rather than using impression putty, we use a handheld optical scanner. This scanner is passed over your teeth and gums, capturing the impression. It takes only a few minutes to take a scan of your mouth and the image displays in 3D almost instantly right on our computer monitor.

Reasons for Digital Impressions

There are several reasons why we might need to take digital impressions of your mouth. Common reasons include
•  Providing you with dental restorations. Digital impressions provide us with one to one measurements of your mouth. These impressions allow for the accurate design and creation of a number of different dental restorations, including veneers, crowns, bridges, and dentures.
•  Providing you with faster dental restorations. Some types of digital impression technologies also come with in-house milling units. This allows for restorations to be created faster. In many cases, the restorations can be provided same day.
•  Orthodontics. With digital impressions, we can accurately plan orthodontic treatment that will provide you with the best, most effective, results.

What are the Benefits of Digital Impressions?

There are several significant benefits associated with digital impressions.
•  Digital impressions take only a few minutes to complete.
•  There is no impression putty necessary. This means no discomfort and no mess. Your experience getting your impressions is made much more pleasant.
•  Improved accuracy. The impressions taken with the optical scanner are much more accurate. They provide exact one to one measurements, meaning that your restorations will fit properly, reducing the need for adjustments.
•  Faster turnaround times. Digital impressions can be sent to the lab electronically, rather than through the mail. This can reduce the amount of time you need to wait for your final restoration.
•  Fewer appointments are needed. Because your impressions allow for much more accurate restorations, you need less appointments for fittings and adjustments.
•  Reduced anxiety. The use of impression putty could cause gagging for some patients, which could lead to anxiety. The handheld optical scanner does not cause this issue, making the experience much more pleasant. This can significantly reduce anxiety associated with treatment.
•  Digital storage of your impressions. We can store your impressions as a part of your digital file. We can easily access them when needed or send them to a specialist if necessary.

With digital impressions, we are able to take much more accurate impressions of your mouth, providing you with better treatment and higher quality, better fitting restorations. For more information on digital impressions, call Fusion Dental Specialists at (503) 653-9517 today.
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