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Platelet Rich Plasma/Fibrin
Happy Valley, OR

Tooth image on blue background with medical symbols, at Fusion Dental Specialists in Happy Valley, OR.After you undergo an oral surgery procedure (or any other type of procedure), your body does something amazing. It heals itself. Located in your blood is a substance known as plasma. Plasma contains platelets, which are responsible for healing wounds. At Fusion Dental Specialists, we use special techniques to concentrate your platelets, helping your body to heal faster.

What are Platelets?

Platelets are small colorless cells that are found in the plasma (colorless fluid), which is a byproduct of your blood. They are responsible for clotting, stopping bleeding, and contain growth hormones that help to stimulate new tissue growth. This allows your body to heal itself.

Platelet Rich Plasma

The plasma in your blood contains large numbers of platelets already. The higher the concentration of platelets, the faster you can heal. This is the basis for platelet rich plasma (PRP). Platelet rich plasma uses your blood to aid in your healing process following your dental procedure.

To created platelet rich plasma, we only need a small sample of blood, about 2 ounces. We draw the blood right before your procedure begins. Once we obtain the sample, we place in a centrifuge, which spins very rapidly. As it spins, it separates the plasma from the red blood cells. We remove the plasma portion of the sample, which is then spun a second time. This spin concentrates your platelets. Once your procedure is complete, the concentrated platelets are smeared on the wounds in a thick layer, and the healing process starts immediately.

What about Platelet Rich Fibrin?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) works similarly, aiding in a quicker recovery. Platelet-rich fibrin works with a smaller concentration of platelets, but also contains more clotting factors, than platelet rich plasma. The process for obtaining platelet rich fibrin is also slightly different. We still draw a small sample of your blood before your procedure, which is spun in the centrifuge. Instead of a second spin, however, we remove the middle layer of the sample, which contains both platelets as well as a large concentration of clotting factors. When your procedure is over, the platelet rich fibrin is smeared on the sutured wounds. As it begins to work, a fibrin network is formed. The fibrin network traps cytokines, which are proteins that signal for other cells to come to the site and help in the healing process.

Uses for Platelet Rich Plasma/Fibrin

There are several uses for both platelet rich fibrin and platelet rich fibrin:
•  Bone graft procedures: sinus lifts, bone grafts for dental implants, cleft palate surgeries.
•  Facial reconstruction surgery.
•  Periodontal treatments such as soft tissue and gum grafts.

Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma/Fibrin

The benefits of platelet-rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin include:
•  Expedited healing.
•  Lower risk of infection.
•  Because the procedure uses your blood, it is completely safe. There is no risk for disease transmission.
•  Convenient. The blood is drawn right before your surgery. There is no need to come in before the blood draw.

With both platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin, you can heal faster from your oral procedures, significantly reducing your risk of experiencing complications. Call Fusion Dental Specialists today at (503) 653-2299 to learn more about what we can do for you!
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